The French Corner, started as passion to bring unique pieces to great customers, but that is not how my shop got started.  When I was five years old, I walked down the street to my first garage sale.  Little did I know this garage sale would be the start of a life long passion.  My first purchase was blue bubble depression glass  plates.  I can still see that beautiful blue glass and the circles.  I could not quit touching the beautiful plates....I was hooked.
My mother was my inspiration in so many ways.  As a young adult, we would hunt and gather every weekend;  repurposing items we found for our homes,at first.  But, in the 80's when tough  economic times hit  our weekend hunting became another source of income for my mother.  My mother was a DIY before it was ever popular. While working along side her, she taught me to use  drills, jigsaws, etc. My mom could do anything with a power tool.  She would cut  items out  of wood and I  was in charge of painting them. Then we were off to the craft fairs to share our creations.  The passion  was building in me  and would come full circle someday. 
 When I purchased my first home, I had stacks and stacks of magazines pages marked for all the ideas I had. Decorating and creating beautiful spaces allows me to share my passion . Over the years, my husband and I have always enjoyed building and designing our homes.   With each new home, I collected fantastic pieces that I envisioned staging in a shop of my own know, those items that no longer have a special place in your home, but the appreciation and patina is something so exceptional you just can not let go.......yet.
As life moves along  raising a family became my priority.  As my children grow older and need me a little less and less, I could see the need to have something that would keep me busy when they are grown. 
Colorado has always been my home and when I started the journey of selling vintage items first with a small booth, and I was pleasantly amazed how so many of the items that I had once loved and cherished, many others also loved my treasures that I was finally parting with.
 What started with a whim, to finally start letting go of the wonderful items I had gathered over the years, gained new energy and the idea and  passion, eventually grew into my first brick and mortar store...The French Corner.
Our business has grown over the last four years to add a second location, just around the corner,  made total sense to me.  Many people ask, " Why are both locations so close to each other?"  And my reply is, " I have two boutiques, with different styles and charm, so that everyone can conveniently find unique treasures. 
This stunning vintage building, like so many of my treasures, had a story to tell.  I knew I could refurbish the brick walls and tin ceilings.......well after I remodeled it and exposed all the beauty that is.   Vintage buildings blended with the character of my furniture  allowed me to combine both my passions for design and decorating; what a dream come true   
I hope you will visit our little "Corner" someday and enjoy the ambiance of  "The French Corner"  A Vintage shop, that we hope inspires you and your ideas, and makes you feel right at home with us.  My mother passed away two years ago and her memory will live on every day in the items and dreams I have for The French Corner..... I miss her dearly her advice, her encouraging words of following my passion and hers as well.  Each day is a gift and I am so glad she gave me the passion and the strength to follow my dreams each day.
My inspiration my mom . In loving memory.